Experienced transformation professionals, tackling complex challenges, designed to put our clients’ interests first

At Granville & Stable, we lead on innovation and ingenuity
A digital-first approach is fostered throughout our business consulting and technology services. Our goal is to provide insightful analysis and sound advice, so that you can make effective and sustainable business decisions.

Finance & Transactions Advisor

Our portfolio for integration and divestment programs covers all relevant areas including business consulting, IT integration, organizational change, and overall program management

Business Consulting

We help our clients to make business change through the deployment of best practice knowledge linked to the latest digital technologies that enable significant performance improvement

Information Technology

Our experience in deploying the latest technologies helps our clients to determine what are the most appropriate technologies for them to deploy to enable them to grow

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We can be your partner of choice to build an operating model, design efficient and adaptable business processes, stay compliant with regulatory governing agencies or design new technology solutions to innovate with speed and agility
Business Consulting
Together we transform your business from the people to the processes.
Information Technology
We plan, build and deliver technology to solve problems.
Digital Solutions
We help define your digital strategy and make marketing work.
Talent Management
We work with you to instill learning and agility into your organization where business outcome achievement is the norm.
Education, Government and Nonprofit
Clarifying strategy, strengthening capabilities, and unlocking possibilities for mission-driven organizations.
Strategic Marketing
Supporting your organization with advertising & media planning, content development, email automation, SEO and social media.
Businesses need to be agile to keep up as the crisis continues
Commercial agility has become a survival requirement but beyond that, organizations are also starting to realize there is a major competitive advantage on the commercial side. Whatever the economic climate, being agile enough to adapt to an increasingly complicated world is now a business necessity.
Business Agility in the Face of Covid
Digital Acceleration
Digitalization has shifted from Transformation to acceleration

The year 2020 saw more workplace digitalization initiatives than the last 10 years with individuals and businesses alike embracing the digital revolution. The challenge for business is how fast and how far to go with digital acceleration.

How can they take advantage of the opportunity to innovate, differentiate and grow whilst being cost-efficient, optimizing the newest information technologies as part of their overall physical operations?

Vendors we work with
Vendors are essential to almost every business and can do much more than merely supply you with the materials and services you need to do business. Our vendors can be important sources of information, helping you evaluate the potential of new products, track competitors’ actions and identify promising opportunities.
We Offer Pro Bono Consulting
We support charities and organisations that support corporate responsibility. Activities include strategy development, organisational design, operating model definition, technology strategy, programme planning and executive coaching.
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